Am I the only one that thought this person looked like Shana…. I know she’s dead but I think they looked very alike…


Ok. So these are 5 new clues from pll snapchat.
Yes, I’m a pll fan
No, I don’t understand any of them.
Can anyone come up with a theory please?
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I think the 3B one is to do with people knocking on Ezra’s door as his apartment is called 3B. They did make a big effort to show us the door after that detective closed it


After seeing Ali get attacked and the “See how easy it is” A text, I realized we’ve seen this beforehand:

• In 2x10, “Touched by an A-ngel”, Emily gets massaged by Lucas (so says Mona in 4x01). And she gets an A text that says, “See how easy it is for me to get my hands around your neck? -A”

• In 3x07, “Crazy”, Hanna gets an A message on a Ouijia Board that says, “See how easy it is for me to get your blood? A”

• In 5x06, “Run, Ali, Run”, Alison gets attacked by A and gets an A texts that says, ” See how easy it is for me to kill you? If you leave Rosewood, I will. -A”

√ The connection: Lucas is still A and working for Mona or possibly Big A.

The thing is Lucas wants Ali to leave rosewood so why would he say he would kill her if she did.

My theory is still


Rosewood is the name of the mental institution in Ravenswood, PA and all the characters are actually patients. Everything that happens to them is all in their heads. When a character dies they are actually being released, that’s why Alison came back to life, she was let out but had to be re-institutionalized because she couldn’t make it in the real world. 


I’m calling it now Mrs D and Marion Cavanaugh were sisters, maybe not twins but they were at least sisters. Bethany Young was the girl that killed Marion. When Mrs D was on the phone that night she was told that the person who killed her sister escaped. Alison found out and told Toby that night and so he killed Bethany to avenge his mom’s death.
Either that or Bethany young looks similar to Alison and Melissa killed her thinking it was Ali.When she found out that it wasn’t Ali she killed, she told her father that it was her who killed the girl not Spencer. Then Wren killed Mrs D to keep quiet as Melissa and Wren are dating again.




I don’t think they will kill Melissa off because right now her character is really important. I think that Melissa will confess to killing the girl who was in Ali’s grave and so she won’t be in the show anymore because her character will be in jail. I just think if they kill her that will be more unanswered questions and they’ll have no way of answering them.


Does anyone have a link where I can watch Abby’s Studio Rescue?


Many are commenting on how Detective Holbrook recognized Alison’s voice so easily. In last night’s episode, 5x01 “EscApe from New York”, the girls hid away at a theater. During this time, they were awaiting a call from Aria who was at the hospital with Ezra. Meanwhile, Holbrook also figured out…

Mona’s Army

This is just a quick theory I just thought of after watching the new episode. It may not even be possible but it’s PLL and to be honest anything seems possible.

So I think that maybe the timeline in the episode wasn’t in chronological order. I think that Mona’s army happened when the girls were first noticed to be gone which was before Ezra was shot. I think that Mona’s army were potentially the ones who ambushed the girls in the park. Think about it where is -A gonna get a massive group if people to help ambush the girls in a park. Unless it was Mona’s army who we saw in the same episode.
Mona did say they had to stand together to take down Ali and that’s what they did- kinda.

I’m not really sure if this makes sense but basically I think that Mona’s army was in New York that night and that they were the ones that ambushed the girls in the park. We already know that Shana and Paige have talked before and Paige was at the meeting so was Lucas who has connections to Jenna. It all adds up